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This was amazingly, fantastically animated. It's fluid, ecleptic in the best way and totally fun to watch! Loved it. You get +10 to sexiness in my book, sailor!

Movie uses "IT'S SO RANDOM". It's not very effective... or funny.

Ah, what to say. This was excellent, superb and lovely. I'm in love with this animation and hope to marry it one day. Thank you for this!

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The game is fun albeit repetitive. Also halfway my playthrough I realized that this was a more elaborate Flappy Bird. I rather move the zombie with the mouse freely than having to keep it from dropping to the bottom of the screen by clicking. It's a bit cumbersome.

Boring, repetitive, uninteresting game play. Didn't like the graphics either but that's a meh point. I hope that if there is a sequel, future games will feel different instead of rehashes of the older games (but with a twist).

Oh darn, Leonardo! We were doin' fine until you started sodomizing and shit, son! Now you is in jail and how am I supposed to feed the starvin' artists?!

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Excellent! I love your style. Great mood, very good perspective and all-around supreme. Awesome.

radshoe responds:

Thank you!

Jeez, fella! This is straight up a work of the most purest art. I would print this and frame it. Love it.
Also, great concept art in case they decide to do "Cats & Dogs 3 (now with less dogs, more dragons)".

Supreme Psylocke. Love it. Great art style, fantastic coloring and love the Strider type scarf/sash.

Cairos responds:

Yeah, I definitely wanted to push her overall ninja appearance by making her sash nonsensically long. Because seriously, long pieces of cloth are so cool to look at billowing in the wind.

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