Commissions! Ask away!

2013-10-28 13:59:20 by Bassomen

I don't have many or any rules about commissions. The only stuff that I won't do is pornographic stuff. I don't mind erotic or suggestive, but I will not draw way too "graphic" stuff (if you know what I mean). I hope you understand.

If it's a sketch or simple, plain drawing I will not charge you anything. Also if it's your own character, that you've made up, I will also not charge you (if it is not something overtly elaborate of course).

A single character, fully colored without background (or a simple background) is $20.

Two or more characters with a detailed background is $40.

A splash page, comic book style, or a poster is $60.

Other types of commissions can be arranged. Please write to my email!

Check out some of my stuff right over here:

You can make payments via PayPal ( Please send me an email to if you are interested or leave me a comment write here!

Thank you very much!!! :)

Commissions! Ask away!


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