Future Art?? Oh baby!

2013-10-18 19:29:55 by Bassomen

October 18, 2013: Oh my! This is considered "Future Art"?? That is awes--- Wait, what? "Featured Art"? Well, that is so freakin' awesome too!!! Thank you everyone from the past that made this possible! I'm so happy I'm writing stupid time travel jokes! :D Thank you again!!! :D

Future Art?? Oh baby!


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2013-10-26 04:46:02

Oh, Monsters as real monsters. :D Looks great! I just watched the Monsters University last week btw, already looking forward to the sequel.

Bassomen responds:

Thanks, I'm really glad you liked it! I also watched Monsters University recently and I liked it more than I thought. I wonder what direction it would take if they did a sequel.


2013-10-27 13:04:24

IF they make a sequel? I can't imagine why they wouldn't, seeing how successful this one was... though they've filled up the gap between when these two characters were young until they realized their dreams, so I guess it'd be back to the present again, to some extraordinary event... or with a set of different main characters, again. Plenty of potential for movies in a world of monsters...